Black Eye Great Value Websites Terms and Conditions

1. What the client must supply

All copy (wording to be used on the site) should be supplied in digital format.

A legible, high quality file of the logo must be supplied in digital format. If a logo is not available, Black Eye can design one to your supplied brief. Design work will be charged at our standard rate of $150 per hour.

2. Images

Images other than those shown on our example pages are not supplied. If other images are required then those images should be supplied in digital format.

Black Eye can source and supply images at a fee of $80 each. Please note that the images will be sourced from royalty free stock available at internet stock photography suppliers or from our own extensive library.

3. Pricing

The fee is based on the use of a template structure. Major deviations from this structure may incur an extra cost.

Phone support with managing and updating your site is free for a period of one month from completion of the site. Pricing does not cover extended instruction in the use of the Admin Portal. It should be noted, that the interface is extremely easy for an average computer user to master. If required, instruction in use of the Portal will be charged at our standard rate of $150 per hour.

Please note that WordPress themes are not available for use with this software.

4. Author’s Corrections

Authors corrections post completion will be charged at the standard rate of $150 per hour.

5. Payment

Full payment shall become due upon delivery or upon notification to the customer that the work has been completed.

In the case of the first transaction between the parties, the value of 50% of the order shall be paid on acceptance of the quotation unless otherwise stated in writing to Black Eye.

The suspension by the customer of any work, for any reason, for a period exceeding thirty (30) days shall entitle Black Eye to payment for work already carried out and any other additional costs.

In the event that Black Eye is required to engage the service of any mercantile agency to effect collection of any amounts due to Black Eye then all collection expenses and associated charges shall be borne by the purchaser.

Please note: These terms and conditions are to be read in conjunction with the Black Eye General Terms and Conditions.