“We’re highly experienced. And that’s important in this business.”

Advertising is not a science or an art, it’s a combination of the two. People who are good at advertising are that way because they’ve done a lot of it.

Black Eye began in February 1998 and has flourished by creating disciplined advertising and corporate campaigns that stand out, demand to be read and get results.

We have won numerous awards and are envied for our long-term clients.

Humble and ethical

Black Eye may be ’boutique’ but we punch way above our weight. And there are lots of advantages to being smaller… we’ll never get caught up in games of ‘Chinese Whispers’ and we’ll always give you an unequaled level of service.

Experienced and capable

Our capabilities are extensive and include all the professional services you should expect, including strategic advice, conceptual thinking, copywriting, print production and a stringent system of checks and balances along the way.


We eschew the fast growth / fast down-sizing merry-go-round that afflicts other agencies. At Black Eye we have worked with the same clients for many years and we work with solid industry partners to ensure cohesive outcomes.


imitationsBeware imitations!