PayPal refreshes for millennial audience

PayPal refreshes for millennial audience

From an article on AdNews by Josh McDonnell

PayPal is making a play for millennials, as the global online payment company refreshes its brand messaging to target “time poor digital natives”

Known locally for its work with the retail and fashion market, PayPal Australia director consumer marketing Liz Lefort told AdNews that it was time for the brand to focus on newer, more relevant, brand partnerships.

As part of the new ‘Pay the Easy Way’ campaign, PayPal is drawing attention to its payment offering for services such as Spotify, Uber, Deliveroo and Stan.

Pay the Easy Way targets ‘time-poor’ and ‘spoilt-for-choice’ millennials to demonstrate how PayPal can make their lives easier when it comes to making online purchases or payments.

“Our messaging always comes back to our heartland in retail, fashion and eBay – it’s where we grew up,” Lefort says.

“Not to say we are leaving that behind, but as we listen to our consumers, they want us in more places. They’re actually asking for the safety and security that PayPal enables them to have when they pay, shop, buy online.”

Lefort says the problem marketers have at the moment with the millennial market, is time.

PayPal is using this as part of its messaging in the latest campaign, reminding users that they can use the service as a “shortcut” to avoid getting bogged down in less enjoyable “life chores”.

“It’s said that we have a shorter attention span than goldfish,” Lefort says.

“Part of it is absolutely being short and succinct and straight to the point, but it comes back to being a shortcut and you can’t be a shortcut if you’re taking 30 minutes to explain why you’re the shortcut.

“It is a highly engaged world that we are living in and it is full of messages. So, being able to cut through to an audience in a way that is important and mean something to them is an ongoing challenge and will remain a challenge.”

Lefort says it’s a “rookie mistake” to expect millennials to come to you these days.

For PayPal, the whole point of them being quick and succinct in its latest campaign was to show and reinforce the ease, the convenience and the shortcut to getting what you need.

“It’s about making sure that your creative and your content really talks to that audience and the way for that audience to want to use you, rather than the functional product itself,” she says.

“It is more about being relevant, showing ways that you are part of their lives and you can make their lives easier. It’s not about us.”

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